Learn About Me, Julie Henry

Julie Henry

Now's the hard part, talking about myself. It's hard to say if there's really a right or wrong way to go about this (okay, I'm sure there's a wrong way, but I'll try to stay away from random rants).

Well, I guess I'll start by saying I am a born and raised Coloradan who is a complete nerd with little fashion sense. For that, I blame my father (for the nerd thing, I'm sure my fashion is my own fault). He used some of the first computers, and therefore I was raised with at least three computers in my house at one time. (That may not seem that weird now, but trust me, I was the only one I knew with that many computers growing up.) It wasn't much of a surprise that I got into a job with computers, and due to my love of art and eye for color, it also made sense for me to go into design. Thus, after learning HTML at a young age (although I was admittedly awful at that time) a budding web designer was born!

My Passions (Outside of Web Design/Development):